The Top Methods to Get Rid of Unwanted Nose Hair

One of the worst things about growing older is that you lose hair on your head only for it to grow in unwanted areas and one of the worst places for hair to grow is the nose. Scientists still have not figured out why you have it. It may be there to stop dust and unwanted particles. However, often it grows too much and requires clipping with a good pair of nose hair clippers. There are a number of ways you can get rid of your nose hair, but the best and easiest is through the use of an electric nose hair trimmer, which we will talk about shortly below.

Trimming With Scissors

Using scissors is one of the easiest ways to trim nose hair. You should use scissors that are small enough to fit inside your nose as well as being sharp enough to actually cut the hair. Best not to use shared scissors because that would be spreading bacteria and is just plain nasty. There are special trimming scissors that are designed to trim hair in sensitive areas. These can be found in drugstores and department stores.

It is important to clean the blades of the scissors with anti-bacterial soaps and water. Dry them off before using them. If they have been used before by other people, consider using antiseptic to sterilize it. You do not want to be inhaling other people’s germs. It is best to trim when standing in front of a well-lit mirror. You do not want to cut up your nose due to bad lighting. Due to hairs getting stuck to the scissors wipe them off before using them again. Blow your nose after trimming. This is to expel any hairs that are clinging onto other hairs. You should wash your nose and may clean it out using a tissue. Wash the scissors after using them with soap.

Using a nose trimmer

This is the quickest and safest way but also the most expensive. You can buy either an electric or manual trimmer. Electric trimmers are faster at removing hairs and more efficient as far as a mens nose hair trimmer is concerned. However, manual trimmers don’t need electricity which will save on battery costs and they do not tickle the nose as much as electric ones do. Manual trimmers work by a spring load mechanism that trims hair similar to wire cutters. You will need two hands to use a manual trimmer. Electric trimmers can be used with one hand and are much quicker than manual ones. Some are cordless and others are battery-powered. You can check out more about the differences in our article on nose hair trimmer reviews.

When using a nose trimmer, do not push it all the way in. Use the trimmer slowly while motioning it circular and moving it up and down. Trimmers shouldn’t cut your skin, especially electric ones. Electric trimmers have their blades covered in a way that they trim the hair close but do not actually touch the skin. Manual trimmers are more likely to painfully pull out a hair from the root. You shouldn’t completely wipe out every hair in your nose.

After finishing trimming, you should clean the nose like you did with scissors. Manual trimmers can be cleaned by running the blades with water. However, do not do this with electric trimmers. Before you clean electric trimmers make sure they are turned off or unplugged. Clean an electric trimmer with a moist towel. Do not submerge electric trimmers in water for obvious reasons. With that said, there are a few exceptions. The best nose hair trimmer that we reviewed can actually be cleaned in water because of the material that was used to design it.

What not to do

Do not completely clean your nose out of hairs. Especially if you are ill because the nose hairs help prevent bacteria from entering the body. The fewer hairs there is in the nose, the greater the chances of bacteria entering the body. If you are ill and you take away too many hairs, it may worsen your condition. Always clean the tools used to trim the nose hair afterward.