Plucking Nose Hair: A Big No No!

In this article we will talk about whether or not it is safe to pluck nose hair. The short answer to this is no, and we will expand on that answer shortly. However, if you are a man and have excessive nose hair, be sure to check out a recent review we did on the the top mens nose hair trimmer. Actually we reviewed 3, but one was clearly the best.

We all have nose hair. That is because the hair that grows on the inside of our nose serves a very important biological purpose. It is primarily a kind of filter: it stops foreign particles from entering our respiratory system and choking us or damaging our lungs. Imagine if you didn’t have any hair in your nose: with every breath that you took, you would inhale dust, drops of moisture particles of dirt and much more. Your lungs would quickly become clogged.

In addition, the presence of nasal hair helps to prevent disease. This is because it also filters out pathogens from the outside world, that (if we did not have any kind of filter in our nose) would like to enter our body and make us sick. That is another thing that we have to thank our nose hair for – keeping us safe from illness every single day.

So, it is crucial to recognize that nose hair plays a very important role in the functioning of he human body and plucking it all away is most certainly not desirable. Nevertheless, some people do find themselves thinking about plucking nose hair. So, is plucking nose hair a good idea? And how might you best go about removing nose hair?

Why do people want to pluck their nose hair?

The plucking of nose hair can be done for several reasons. The main reason is an aesthetic one: many people have excess nose hair and they feel that it is unsightly. It affects their confidence and self esteem. For this reason, they consider plucking their nose hair to get rid of it. But, it plucking nose hair a good idea? Or should you just use something like an electric nose hair trimmer or nose hair clippers instead?

The dangers of plucking nose hair.

As mentioned above, your nose is absolutely crucial for filtering out bacteria and foreign bodies before they can enter your respiratory system and doing any damage. The problem with plucking nose hair is that if you pluck too much away you obstruct this process. There is another problem with plucking nose hair, though.

This problem is that even if you just pluck a few hairs away, the skin of the nose is very sensitive – it is not like the skin on your chin or eyebrows, which you can pluck away at with relative ease and safety. Even gentle plucking can damage the follicles at the root of your nasal hairs and leave them exposed to bacteria. As these bacteria multiply, they can then infect your nasal passage, respiratory system and even your brain. As such, we should all think twice before reaching for those tweezers to pluck our nose hair.

What are the alternatives to plucking nose hair?

There are two key alternatives to plucking your nasal hair: trimming the hair and getting laser hair surgery. We highly recommend trimming over laser removal so be sure to check out our article on nose hair trimmer reviews where we reveal the best nose hair trimmer.

You can trim your nasal hair yourself with a nose hair trimmer, or a small pair of personal grooming scissors (just make sure to purchase scissors with rounded ends to stop yourself poking your delicate nasal skin. Laser hair removal can be done quickly and safely by a professional, so if you are very worried about excessive amounts of nasal hair this could be a good option for you to consider.