Nose Hair Clippers

The safest way to trim nose hair is without a doubt through the use of nose hair clippers instead of electric trimmers. Not so say electric trimmers aren’t safe, most of the articles on this site are in regards to electric trimmers, but nose hair clippers are actually the safer alternative of the two.Here is a great resource on how to find the best nose hair clippers

One of the most unfortunate side effects of growing older is the emergence of nose hair. Just about everyone will be confronted with the horrific sight of hair protruding from the nostrils at some point. However, just because nose hair is nearly inevitable does not mean that it should be feared. Trimming these hairs can actually be simple and painless, given the right tool is used. Chances are good you are ashamed of your nose hair, especially when it gets out of control. If you let your nose hair grow to a point where others notice, especially women, then you will just give them the chance to talk about what you don’t want – your nose hair.

Believe it or not, nose hair clippers are part of bathroom necessities. The funny thing is when someone uses nose hair clippers, you would have never even guessed they owned any because it seems like hose hair isn’t an issue for them…but the reason it seems that way is because they do such a good job trimming.

With the right clipper, the issue of prominent nose hair can be addressed swiftly before it is noticed by friends and family. The amount of trimming is left up to the individual; some believe that nose hair is crucial for filtering out bacteria and should be allowed to grow as much as possible, while others believe it should be trimmed neatly. Regardless, good nose hair clippers are an essential grooming tool for virtually everyone.

How to Find the Right Nose Hair Clippers

After you have accepted the fact that all men require a good quality pair of clippers, it is time to seek out the best clipper on the market. Finding the right pair can be a challenging task, as each person’s particular needs, budget, and taste will vary. However, there are certain features which make some stand out among the rest. Truthfully, finding quality nose hair clippers is actually a simple task, if you know what to look for.

Here are some of the main features to look for:


While investing in a good clipper is a wise choice, even the highest quality products on the market should not come with a heavy price tag. While prices vary between models, there is no reason to spend more than $30 on a clipper. Spending exorbitant amounts on nose hair clippers is unnecessary. After all, trimming nose hair is not as sophisticated a process as styling a beard or mustache. A simple clipper that provides a clean cut is ideal for most people.

Automatic or Manual

Naturally, as with any product, there are variations to keep in mind. The biggest decision you will have to make is to purchase an automatic or manual clipper.

Automatic clippers are usually battery-powered electric trimmers. The advantage to these is their ease of use. However, the benefits they offer rarely justify their price tag. These clippers tend to be significantly more expensive than their manual counterparts.

Manual clippers, on the other hand, tend to be high quality, hand-operated steel scissors. A good pair of manual clippers is a cheap investment that lasts for years. For most people, manual clippers are a perfect way to keep nose hair under control without breaking the bank. In addition, these clippers are often safer than electric trimmers.


Lastly, buyers should keep in mind that the only difference between nose hair and other facial hair is location. As such, good nose hair clippers should be able to address unruly eyebrows, beards, and mustaches as well. Finding a clipper that provides a complete facial grooming solution is both cost-effective and efficient.

The Best Nose Hair Clippers

Using the features mentioned above, this review has narrowed down the wide selection of nose hair clippers on the market to three high quality products. Each of these clippers offers fantastic value and painless trimming.

Clipper #1: ApeX Hair Trimmer

Finding another clipper under $15 which offers the same quality, safety, and versatility as the ApeX Hair Trimmer would be a difficult task. These scissors are razor-sharp, completely safe, and offer an unparalleled cut for trimming those frustrating nose hairs.

It would be a mistake to assume that all manual trimmers are made equal. These scissors offer a thoughtful and convenient design which allows nose hair to be trimmed without any pulling or painful cuts. It is a safe, sleek, and versatile product which is sure to meet every grooming need a person could have for their facial hair.

The Features

One might expect that a pair of grooming scissors priced under $15 might be rather minimalist. However, this product actually packs a shocking number of features into its design. Buyers who want both a quality trimmer and confidence that their money is well-spent should look no further than the ApeX Hair Trimmer. Here are some of the product’s best features:

Quality Blades

Naturally, what makes or breaks nose hair clippers is the quality of its blades. Not only will poor quality blades be ineffective, they can also cause nose hair to be painfully ripped out. Luckily, this trimmer is built with superior quality.

This trimmer comes equipped with surgical grade stainless steel. This means that it will easily trim nose, ear, mustache, beard, and eyebrow hair without any painful tugging.

Safety and Convenience

One of the biggest concerns that buyers have when shopping for nose hair clippers is poking themselves with a manual clipper. Luckily, the ApeX Hair Trimmer is designed to be safe as well as effective. It features rounded tips which allow for pain-free maneuvering to trim even the most stubborn nostril hair.

In addition, this trimmer offers the convenience of an adjustable tension screw. This allows the user to personalize their trimmer to suit their needs, hand size, and preference.

Lifetime Guarantee

Given its exceptionally low price, some buyers may be wary of this trimmer’s quality. However, the makers of this product are so confident in its quality that they offer a lifetime guarantee. Any issues found during regular use, such as poor cutting or defects, will be fully covered. This can add peace of mind for buyers who are on a budget. The quality of the ApeX Hair Trimmer is guaranteed for the life.

Final Words

The ApeX Hair Trimmer is an inexpensive, effective, and sleek product which can handle even the unruliest nose hair. With stainless steel blades and rounded tips, these scissors can tackle any trimming job without causing any pain whatsoever. Further, their quality is guaranteed for life, making this purchase fiscally wise as well.

Anyone looking for a quality trimmer for an excellent price will love the ApeX Hair Trimmer.

Clipper #2: PIXNOR Nose Hair Scissors

The most inexpensive product on this list, the PIXNOR Nose Hair Scissors offer outstanding quality for their incredible price. For under $10, buyers can look forward to using a pair of highly effective and safe trimmers for any facial hair trimming.

Both pairs are built with high quality materials and feature razor-sharp blades. Whether trimming beard, mustache, eyebrow, or nose hair, the PIXNOR Nose Hair Scissors offer a simple and portable solution. Buyers who want an effective trimmer without going over budget will adore this product.PIXNOR Nose Hair Scissors are great for both nose and sideburns

The Features

With two pairs offered for one low price, this is a purchase which will satisfy just about every grooming need a person could have. There are very few nose hair clippers that offer this much for such a little price tag. The thoughtful design of these trimmers allows every type of facial hair to be safely and swiftly clipped. Here are some of the most attractive features of the PIXNOR Nose Hair Scissors:


Naturally, the main benefit of this product is that it comes with two pairs of quality trimmers. One is built specifically for trimming nose hair, while the other can tackle every other job. The nose hair trimmers feature rounded tips for safety, allowing nostril hairs to be neatly clipped without any painful stabbing or cutting of the skin.

The other pair features sharp tips for easy trimming of beards, mustaches, and eyebrows. Both pairs are built with only the highest quality material, ensuring a safe and easy clipping experience.


One aspect of manual clippers that often goes overlooked by consumers is finger hole size. Many products are designed with small finger holes which can make trimming difficult for men. Luckily, the PIXNOR Nose Hair Scissors feature large finger holes, allowing anyone to enjoy a safe and effective trim.

Lifetime Guarantee

Much like the ApeX Hair Trimmer, the PIXNOR Nose Hair Scissors offer exceptional value with a lifetime guarantee. This unconditional offer allows buyers to return the product at any time if unsatisfied and receive a full refund. The makers of this product are so confident in the quality of their trimmers that they offer this refund, free of any stipulations or conditions.

Final Words

While this trimmer may not offer some of the higher-end features seen with the ApeX Hair Trimmer, such as an adjustable tension screw, this product offers the best value for its remarkably low price. With two pairs of scissors designed specifically to address different parts of the face, buyers of the PIXNOR Nose Hair Scissors can look forward to a safe and easy trim for under $10.

Clipper #3: Suvorna HOOPOE 5”

The Suvorna HOOPOE 5” hair trimmer is a professional-grade pair of scissors which can easily tackle even the most aggressive nose hair issues. In addition, these barber scissors are perfect for cutting beard, mustache, eyebrow, and sideburn hair. With this product, there are few facial hair issues that cannot be overcome.

While this product is the most expensive on the list, it offers the absolute highest standard of quality on the market today. These nose hair clippers are still available for under $25, an astonishing price considering the materials and construction of the scissors. Here are a few notable features of this outstanding product:

Japanese Steel

What truly separates the Suvorna HOOPOE 5” scissors from the competition is the Japanese J2 420 steel used in its blades. This material produces the sharpest, cleanest cut possible. There will be no snagging or tugging when trimming nose or facial hair with this product. With a mirror polished surface that is able to withstand a lifetime of moisture without rusting, these blades will remain sharp for many years to come.The best part about these scissors is the fact that they use japan steel so they are really sturdy


Grooming nose and facial hair is not an easy task; manual nose hair clippers require some practice to be used skillfully. Luckily, the Suvorna HOOPOE 5” scissors are designed to offer the sharpest, most precise cut possible.

With convex blades that provide clean cuts for any area, these scissors are the ideal investment for anyone looking to tame wild nose hair. The thoughtful construction of these scissors allows for hair trimming without the cuts and tugs that come with electric nose hair clippers.


In addition to being sleek and lightweight at only 2.4 ounces, these scissors also come with an attractive carrying case and accessories like a comb and cloth for cleaning. The leather pouch for storing the scissors is small, discreet, and can easily be stored in bags while traveling.

Final Words

The Suvorna HOOPOE 5” clippers offer superior quality for any type of hair. Whether coarse or fine, long or short, these clippers are up to the task. They are assembled with industry-leading Japanese steel, resulting in smooth and painless trimming. Buyers should be aware that this clipper is better suited for those with some experience in facial hair grooming. While it lacks features like rounded tips for safety, this pair of clippers is the gold standard for manual clippers.

Conclusion: The Best Nose Hair Clippers Depends on the Buyer

The three clippers listed above come with a remarkable assortment of features which make trimming nose hair painless and quick. While prices vary between the products, they are all very affordable, especially when compared to electric clippers.

With quality blades and thoughtful designs, each of these clippers will satisfy just about any buyer. In addition, each product is a fiscally sound purchase, as they all offer lifetime guarantees. To find the ideal clipper, however, it is important to carefully consider your budget, needs, and objectives.

For a customizable trimming experience, the ApeX Hair Trimmer is a highly effective clipper with an adjustable tension screw. For simple clippers that provide quality cuts without the frills, the PIXNOR Nose Hair Scissors offer a cost-effective solution without compromising quality. Lastly, for those seeking the highest standard of sharpness and precision, the Suvorna HOOPOE 5” is an affordable professional-grade clipper that can address any nose or facial hair issue.

With these nose hair clippers clippers, the embarrassment and frustration that comes with unruly nose hair will be a thing of the past.