Mens Nose Hair Trimmer

Let’s be honest, if you are a man who has a lot of nose hair, you need to look for a solid mens nose hair trimmer…and you want one specifically for men. Hair growing out of your nose isn’t exactly the most pleasant looking thing in the world, and when trying to impress a lady, it makes it that much harder!This article provides a great guide on how to select the perfect mens nose hair trimmer

Surprisingly, those nasty looking hairs growing out of a person’s nose actually serve a health purpose. Those ugly little hairs no one wants help keep bacteria from entering your body through the nose.

So while they look ugly, those pesky little hairs that won’t go away are doing everyone a favor by keeping them healthy.

Now that those little hairs have gained a little measure of respect, you may want to keep a few of them around just in case you need a health boost from time to time. You also may want to trim them with a little more care.

When it comes to selecting a mens nose hair trimmer, things can get confusing. This is why we are going to review the top three which you should consider buying. However, before we get into that,  let’s go over 3 basic things to look for in a mens nose hair trimmer.

3 Tips to Selecting The Perfect Mens Nose Hair Trimmer


Is the trimmer strictly for the nose or can you use them to trim other facial hairs you may not like or want to keep looking nice?


How long will the trimmer lasts? No one wants to replace their trimmer right away or even after a year so get a top quality trimmer for your nose.


Stick to your budget when it comes to a mens nose hair trimmer. No need to spend everything you have.

There may be other tips to consider but these are the three main ones that always come to a person’s mind when looking at any product they want to purchase.

The three mens nose hair trimmers we will review today are the HLYOON Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer, Creation Springs Rechargeable Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer and the Fancii Professional Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

HLYOON Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

This trimmer is advertised for the nose & ear but can be used for beards and eyebrows as well which makes it a little bit versatile in its use. A one use product is not always that cost effective as you have to keep buying different products to take care of different needs. This trimmer will save you the trouble and expense of having to buy a separate ear hair trimmer.Hyloon is a great brand for nose trimmers and this specific product has received some great reviews amongst the mens community

The price of this trimmer is not a budget busting product as it is being sold on Amazon for only $13.24, making it a very inexpensive purchase. The cost will make this a temptation to buy.

Its construction is quite unique. Made from recycled plastic (good for the environment) it has impact resistant durability and the grip is made from rubber so that the trimmer will not slip out of your hands when you use it. It is also water resistant so you do not have to worry about ruining the motor or battery if it gets wet.

The cutting tip or rotary system is made from top quality steel and its design allows for hair to be drawn in from the top as well as the sides making your trimming look more professional. The cutting tip can be taken apart and washed but the plastic handle cannot be given the same cleaning procedure.

This neat little trimmer weighs only about 96 grams making it heavy enough to manipulate around those difficult to reach places while being light enough to not put too much stress on your fingers. We included weight information because one thing we look for in a mens nose hair trimmer is weight. Trimming the nose can take some time, so the lighter the better.

Like all other products that use a battery, this trimmer needs a single AA which is not included in the packaging. So if you buy this as a gift for someone, make sure you can stuff their stocking with the correct battery so they can use it right away.

One of the drawbacks to this trimmer is that it does not come with a base. You need to be careful on how and where you store it. Don’t put it in a place where it can easily slip or be knocked over. Keep t in a safe place so that you do not have to replace it all the time. Even though it is not very expensive, it is still an expense you can do without.

If you are looking to be stylish or have it match your bathroom décor you can forget it as it only comes in one color—black. But then again we are told black goes with any color or décor so maybe it won’t detract from the look of your bathroom.

One positive factor about this trimmer is that it comes with an easy to understand operator’s manual. It is always a source of frustration when the owner’s manual is harder to decipher than Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Some people may think that the battery operated style is not a good design but the battery allows for portability which means you can quietly pack it away in your bag if your nose hair loving significant other ‘forgets’ to put it in their toiletry bag.

This trimmer can be used anywhere you go: The hotel, relatives homes, camping, or just long road trips. Now there is no excuse for not having a complete hygiene program when you are on vacation.

Inexpensive, portable, tough and gets the job done, you cannot ask for more from a mens nose hair trimmer. The Hyloon Nose & Ear Trimmer will keep you looking good for years to come.

Creation Springs Rechargeable Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer with Two Grooming Attachments

This mens nose har trimmer is advertised as the finest one made and it may be. That level of quality depends upon you and if you like the way the trimmer handles and does its job. This mens nose hair trimmer also seems to have a lot of versatility as it does more than just nose hairs and comes with an attachment to trim those pesky ear hairs that grow out of the side of your head.

Featured is the creation springs rechargeable nose hair trimmer with an incredible battery life.The manufacture adheres to the strictest of standards as it produces its quality products and from what we can see is that it is a finely made little machine. It too is made from impact resistant plastic making this little beauty durable and long lasting. Of course that means normal impacts and we doubt it will hold up to a hammer blow.

One positive is that the manufacturer includes extra blades in each box so you do not have to worry about getting new blades for a long while. Another positive is that it is rechargeable. There is no need to make an extra purchase on batteries. This self-contained unit will charge itself when you plug it in.

You also do not have to worry about the batteries running out of power just when you need them most. You just have to remember to keep it charged so it is ready for use all the time. But this positive is also a negative as being battery free you cannot take it camping or to some of those vacation resorts where power is seen as a bad thing. You just have to put up with those ugly little hairs till you return from your roughing expedition.

Returning to the positives, this mens nose hair trimmer comes with an assortment of attachments that allow you to groom your beard, mustache, side burns and other facial hairs. The manufacture has also included a blade that will let you shave angles and other hard to reach grooming areas.

That is a lot of bang for your buck. The trimmer retails for roughly 20 dollars but you can get a deal on Amazon right now and purchase it and all of its extras for only $12.99. It seems like a great deal for all that you get with this trimmer.

The trimmer weighs only 9.6 ounces which is not too heavy to use but heavy enough to withstand all the hair challenges you throw its way. The cutting blade is washable, just remember to remove it from the rest of the body of the trimmer.

Unfortunately for those who like to trim their eyebrows, this package does not come with an eyebrow trimming attachment.

If you are wondering how long it takes to charge this little beauty you only have to wait 8 hours for it to receive a full charge. Just plug it in the night before you are going to use it and it will be ready to go in the morning.

The other negative to this mens nose hair trimmer is that the stand is not the rechargeable unit. You have a separate cord that plugs into the trimmer to do the job.

Amazon wants you to be satisfied with this product so they offer a money back or replacement guarantee. You will need to contact Amazon to find out the details of how their guarantee works. You might want to check with the manufacture and see what they offer in case you are not satisfied or the trimmer breaks under regular use.

Fancii Professional Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer with LED Light

If you wonder why an LED light is needed on a mens nose hair trimmer, wonder no more. The LED light is there to help you find those hard to see hairs that just simply hide from normal eyesight and lighting.

This trimmer is another cordless model that needs a AA battery to operate but a good feature is that it comes with its own stand. You can put it in the medicine cabinet shelf and not worry about it falling out when you open the cabinet door.

Cleaning the cutting blade is a snap, just rinse it under running water for a few seconds and it is clean. The body is also made from plastic and is rubberized for that non-slip grip all men need. It also comes with a cone to help direct hairs towards the improved cutting blades which are made from hypo-allergenic steel.This is the Fancii professional nose and ear hair trimmer with two heads. One of the best nose hair trimmers on the market

Other positives include a light weight making which makes shaving a lot easier, rotary blades, quiet motor so you don’t wake up your loved one when you use it, and many more features. The manufacture believes in their product so much that they have given this mens nose hair trimmer a lifetime money back guarantee. Just contact them for the details on how to take advantage of this generosity.

The price will not put a dent in your wallet either. It retails for about $23.99 but you can get a deal if you purchase it through Amazon. Their current price is only $13.99. Either price makes this a great option if you are thinking of buying a birthday gift, a Christmas gift, a stocking stuffer or even a surprise gift for that nose hair lover in your life.

The experts say after testing that this mens nose hair trimmer, like all the rest, will not pull your nose hair out. This trimmer operates in a smooth manner that gently cuts your nose hair sparing you the pain other methods bring to grooming.

Weighing in at 1.6 ounces this is not the heaviest unit out there or the lightest so its performance and handling will be easy and maneuvering simple. The simple on/off switch is thumb controlled for easy no look power control.

Part of its versatility is that it can be used effectively by both genders. This is not a men’s only hair trimming tool but helps women get those ugly, nuisance hairs off their bodies and makes them look great.

It is an easy to use trimmer that does not leave cuts if you use it right. The company provides excellent customer support so do not be afraid to contact them if you have any problems. We are sure their return policy is for normal use, wear and tear, or other problems.

This is a handy little grooming tool to have in your bathroom and like other battery operated trimmers you can take it anywhere you go so you can touch up any problem spots and look your best for that business meeting or date.

A Few Closing Words About Choosing a Mens Nose Hair TrimmerConclusion to the entire article

Those are the three mens nose hair trimmers that are covered by this review. Your experience with them may vary and while there are other similar trimmers on the market, we are sure you will switch once you try these babies out.

These are not that go to product if you are lacking something to talk about nor are they the first choice when thinking of stocking stuffers or other gifts but they are a great gift idea for that person who needs to trim their hairs or needs to replace their current trimming tool.

Get a great gift for your spouse or boyfriend by purchasing a mens nose hair trimmer for them today. Good grooming is a great habit to develop and these trimmers are just the ones to help in that objective.