How To Easily Trim Nose Hair Without Any Pain

These are a few great methods to trim nose hair

All of us have nose hair and most of the time, it’s not that much of a problem. However, if it starts getting out of control, then you probably want to get rid of it. If you’re trying to figure out how to trim nose hair, then this is the guide you need. There are a few different ways so use one of these options to get the best results.

Nose Hair Scissors

Most people are surprised that these actually exist, but they’re a handy tool. You can purchase nose hair clippers and scissors at most drug stores or the men’s styling products aisle in stores. Keep in mind that you need to purchase this type of scissors because they are made to cut nose hair. They have a smooth, rounded end and won’t cut the inside of your nose when using. When we did all our nose hair trimmer reviews, we made sure each provided a smooth cut.

When you have these scissors, insert them gently into your nose and try to cut as close to the skin as possible. Use a magnifying mirror while doing this to get the best results. This method is one of the most popular and probably the easiest as well.  In fact, the best nose hair trimmer for you might just be scissors instead of electric.

Manual or Electric Trimmer?

Both of these trimmers are small and easy to purchase and carry, but an electric nose hair trimmer is more effective for getting rid of nose hair and come in a variety of methods. The circular hair trimmer is a popular option and runs on batteries. The spinning blades cut nose hair and this method is one of the fastest options available Turn on the trimmer and gently insert into your nose. Move the trimmer around to cut hairs growing from all sides of your nose. Be careful as the blades can cut your skin if you’re reckless.

If you’re nervous about the circular trimmer, then you may want to try a battery-powered non-circular hair trimmer. Like its name suggests, this trimmer has an electric blade on one side only. You’re less likely to get pinched or cut with this option so if you consider yourself clumsy, then this is a good option. Turn on the trimmer and gently insert into your nose. Move the trimmer around the inside of your nose slowly, cutting any long strands of hair.

Trimming with Tweezers

This method is probably the most painstaking but is an option if you don’t have much time. Choose tweezers that have slanted tips for the best results. Make sure to stand in front of a well-lit mirror before you get started. Choose the longer hairs that you want to get rid of and use the tweezers to grasp the hairs firmly at the root. Give a sharp, quick pull to remove the hair, shake the hair from the tweezers and then repeat this process until all excess hair is removed. Make sure to clean the tweezers after each use. Obviously if you are looking for the most efficient mens nose hair trimmer, this isn’t it, but it gets the job done.

If you’re embarrassed about your nose hairs, then you can use any of the methods here to get rid of them. Because some nose hair is actually beneficial for your lung health, just remove or trim any longer hairs as needed for the best results.