What is The Best Way To Remove Excessive Nose Hair?

As we grow, hair tends to vanish from places we want it (especially on the head) but sprouts in areas we don’t need it such as the nostrils. The nasal hair tends to grow very fast compared to other hair on various parts of the body, which can get very annoying. Luckily there are plenty of ways to get rid of nose hair, and that’s what we will be going over in this article.

However, before you get started, if you haven’t seen our reviews on the best nose hair trimmer, be sure you check that out first.


Nose hair trimmers are small, compact and light devices specially made to trim away unwanted nose hair. You can get a manual or an electric nose hair trimmer. The type you choose is completely up to your personal preference. We went over quite a few on them in our nose hair trimmer reviews article. That should help you decide on which is best for your needs. The method is best done in front of a well-lit mirror, and the trimmer should fit comfortably and not forced into the nose canal. The trimmer should have protective gadgets around the blades to prevent the user from damaging the skin inside the nose. Only trim the hair peeking out of the nose and leave the rest to help protect you from dust and other pollutants.

Scissors and Clippers

Nose hair clippers and scissors are specialized to cut nose hair. They are only used in the presence of a mirror as one needs to insert the small scissors into the nasal canal and consequently clip off the hair. Before inserting the scissors into your nose, make sure the scissors have been cleaned. It’s advisable to not insert the scissors so far into the nasal canal to avoid hurting yourself. The method is the most common and probably the easiest used by most people.


If you are a man, chances are you have been looking for the best mens nose hair trimmer, but I bet you never even thought o f waxing! The use of nose hair wax is the best option to remove nose hair especially for people with long hair. The method consists of putting warm wax into the nostril using a Q-tip. Immediately the wax cools, the Q-tip is quickly jerked out of the nose. The nose hair will, therefore, be pulled out with the wax. However, this method is often not used as it is painful and can cause harm if not properly done


There are various creams made for hair removal and in particular for the legs and arms but are not recommended for nose hair removal as they contain a strong odor that may cause dizziness or nausea. However, some creams are made from natural organic ingredients that do not have the strong smell and are therefore safe for nose hair removal. In case you choose to use the creams, it is advisable to read the label to determine if the cream is safe for nose hair removal-if in doubt, contact the manufacturer.

Laser Removal

This method requires a licensed professional who has plenty of experience in laser treatment to help you perform nose hair removal as it’s not advisable to place a laser inside the nostrils to remove the hair. Laser nose hair removal lasts longer than plucking or waxing; it can take several sessions before the nose hair is eliminated.


Choose the best clean tweezers with slanted tips and handles for your nose hair removal. In this method, the user is required to stand in front of a mirror and choose the hair he or she wants to pluck out and then grip the hair from the root and give it one quick and sharp pull.